On Sunday June 3, Guatemala was once again at the mercy of Mother Nature when the Volcán de Fuego, one of Latin Americas most active volcanoes, erupted killing over 70 people and injuring, displacing and disappearing thousands of people.  Communities continue to be evacuated and the volcano remains active. Most of the communities effected have been completely buried in hot ash and lava. The president, Jimmy Morales, stated that there aren’t any public funds available to respond to this crisis. A disheartening message from the highest paid president in Latin America.

Guatemala is considered one of the poorest countries in Latin America yet as an Indigenous family we also know it is the kindest. Our people have stood up amidst this crisis and shortage of food to donate anything they have. Once again, we see our community helping each other and expecting nothing from their political leaders. Once again, the people of Guatemala display the true meaning of generosity and loving your neighbor.

We have been overwhelmed by the concern, love and generosity of those around us asking how they can help. Family and friends on the ground tell us that food, water and shelter is the immediate need, yet we also know that new homes and infrastructure is what will eventually be needed. We are collecting donations that we will then allocate to a trusted, community-based, culturally sensitive organization in Guatemala so that the money goes to the community and the people that really need it!

Anything helps! Our Guatelinda thanks you!

photo source: nomada

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