Maya Color

“Weaving is a part of my culture, it’s a part of my Mayan identity. My mother taught me how to weave. She learned to weave from her mother. To keep the tradition alive, I taught my daughters how to weave. Weaving along with our language and traditional dress is an integral part of life as a Maya woman”.

Maria Cuc Jiatz, Maya Kakchiquel


Maria brings you Maya Color, a creative, weaving arts and cultural website to ensure that our world will continue to be rich in diversity and strong in tradition. Maya Color sources quality, functional products from artisans in the central highlands of Guatemala.


Shop for a variety of exceptional weavings and textiles from Maya Color, including a line of purses, accessories, folk art, musical instruments, wood carvings, bead jewelry, nativity sets, wrap-around shawls and other Mayan hand-made products.