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SOLOLA – ADENISA is a single origin coffee grown by Maya Tzutijil farmers, members of the Asociación de Desarrollo Nimajuyu San Pedrano (ADENISA) located in San Pedro la Laguna, Solola.


SOLOLA – ADENISA is Mayan grown organic coffee! The Maya Tzutijil farmers who cultivate this single origin coffee are  members of the Asociación de Desarrollo Nimajuyu San Pedrano (ADENISA). Their community-based Association is  located in San Pedro la Laguna, Solola, Guatemala. ADENISA members grow their coffee in individual plots on the northern flanks of the Volcano San Pedro.

ADENISA was established in June 2014 with the goal of improving their income and standard of living. ADENISA members (52) represent the ethnic group Tzutijil from the municipality of San Pedro la Laguna, located on the southern shores of the majestic Lake Atitlan. The Atitlan basin that is surrounded by three volcanos is classified as one the of eight coffee regions within Guatemala, named Traditional Atitlan. The Mayan grown organic coffee that ADENISA cultivates is considered very good to excellent Specialty Coffee.

ADENISA is also a member-partner of the Guatemalan Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Manos Campesinos that supports Mayan grown organic coffee and receive member benefits such as technical assistance, financial support, organic certifications and coffee-related supplies and materials.

The Coffee

Mayan grown organic coffee solola coffee

 Mayan grown organic coffee, crop yielded the following cupping notes: cocoa, floral, peach and turbinado cane.  Full body.

Maya Earth Coffee promotes SOLOLA – ADENISA coffee which is Direct Trade coffee imported by The Ethical TradingCompany LTD , located in London, England. The coffee is certified organic and Fair Trade certified.

ADENISA coffee won 2nd place in the first “Regional Competition of Traditional Atitlan Coffees” in March 2015!


Additional Information

1 lb, 12 oz, 5 lb


Kraft, Tin Foil


Dark, Med


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    I have been drinking Maya Earth coffee almost exclusively since I was introduced to it in 2011. I have to say- of all the top notch coffee I have tried throughout the years, this one is my favorite. I don’t really have the words to describe what sets it apart from the rest. It is rich and fragrant without being sweet, and it has depth, complexity, and boldness without the overpowering nature of a dark roast. When you’re drinking coffee from the majestic foothills that lie between majestic lake Atitlan and its three volcanoes, I suppose that shouldn’t come as I surprise, but every time I drink it is a new and blissful experience!

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    Absolutely delicious, rich and smooth Guatemalan coffee! This is a great blend and truly captures the flavors of Guatemala. This is a great blend for those who like a flavorful but not too bitter cup of coffee.

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