Maya Hand-Made Wallet Maya 0134


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This beautiful and functional Wallet, Huehuetenango. The Wallet fabric is hand-made using a backstrap loom and is adorned with weaving designs that are combined with multi-color patterns and traditional Mayan motifs. The Wallet is made of a combination of cotton and acrylic thread.

The Mayan hand woven Wallet case was created by Francisco Matias, our long-time friend of more than thirty years. Francisco Matias is originally from Todos Santos Cuchumatanes but he currently lives and works in his shop on Avenida Santander in Panajachel, Guatemala and continues to provide a variety of high quality products to Maya Color.

The folding Wallet is 4 inches tall and the width is 5 inch. Inside on the left side is a strip of Velcro and below it is a zipper and a small insert for cards or money. On the right side are two inserts for cards; and the Velcro.


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