Maya Wool Purse Round 02


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This beautiful and functional Maya Hand-Made Wool Morral is crafted using the signature weaving patterns in Solola. The Wool Morral is hand spun and crocheted using a long knitting needle. The Wool Morral is adorned with designs that are combined with multi-color black and white patterns using traditional Mayan motifs from Solola. The Mayan Maya Hand-Made Wool Morral are created by artisans in Solola. These Wool Morrals are highly coveted;the Morrals are super strong, the designs are traditional, high quality and beautiful craftmanship!

The Maya Hand-Made Wool Morral has a long strap that is 40 inches and a 4-inch loop so you can adjust up and do depending your length and the amount of weight in the Morral. The Maya Hand-Made Wool Morral has an 8-inch zipper at the top and it has a circumference of 36 inches.


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